Training & Placement

The students of VIII Semester are sent for in-plant training in the renowned food processing industries such as Parle, Coca cola, Pepsico, Monginis, Frozen food, Kayempee foods, GB Bakers, Modern food enterprises, Nadi Valley Winery, W.S. Bakers, Nilon's enterprises, General mills, ITC food, Lotous Chocolate, V.K.L. Seasoning, Seven star, Morde foods etc.

The In-plant training is done with kind cooperation of food processing industry. During this period students have to gain practical, Skillful and technical knowledge and also acquaint with the modern technology, food product development, machineries, procedures, quality control, packaging and marketing of food products.

In 2016-2017 64 students and 2017-2018 69 students have successfully completed the In-plant training and most of students occupied top positions in the national and multinational food processing industries allover India and Abroad.